Independent Visual Artist since 1989

Interested in capturing the fleeting moments and colors of landscape.

Over 9 years  of Art Teaching

I have taught many kinds and techiques of art: various techniques of painting (water colour, oil painting, tempera, acrylic), drawing, sculpting, ceramics, throwing pots on potter´s wheel, printmaking, photography (both analoguous and digital) and new media aspects of art.

Over 40 articles of Art

As an art critic in the newspaper Lapin Kansa I wrote critics of  art exhibitions in Lapland (2010-2012).

Interested in foreign cultures and languages

I am interested in foreign cultures and languages. I also attend  languages courses (English and Swedish) in order to maintain my language skills. I passed a National Certicate of Language Profiency in English, Advanced Level, 25.11.2014

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